Partnering with the Best

“We enhance our own exemplary consultative services by utilizing technologies and infrastructures developed by recognized leaders in information technology.”

Datadog is the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Its SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management to provide unified, real-time observability of our customers’ entire technology stack. Datadog is used by organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to enable digital transformation and cloud migration, drive collaboration among development, operations, security and business teams, accelerate time to market for applications, reduce time to problem resolution, secure applications and infrastructure, understand user behavior, and track key business metrics.

AppDynamics, Inc.
A privately held application performance management (APM) and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) company based in San Francisco. The company focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center. AppDynamics is the leader in application performance monitoring.

Amazon (AWS) is a proven leader in the space of allowing organizations to leverage powerful automation of technology and business processes to operate their businesses with reduced overhead and risk. AWS allows major enterprises to focus on their core mission and leverage AWS as a strategic partner for cloud and automation capabilities.
Big Panda provides major enterprises with industry leading machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to rapidly understand IT operational health through the ingestion of millions of data points and telemetry to determine and/or predict potential degradation of business services.

Ingram Micro, Inc.
Ingram Micro, Inc. is a Fortune 100 company and the world’s largest IT distributor, providing sales, marketing and logistics services for the IT industry in all corners of the globe. Together, Scicom and Ingram partner to provide customers with a broad selection of solutions.

Microsoft Corporation
Via its various divisions, Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing. Scicom and Microsoft continually partner to deliver leading edge applications and data solutions for enterprise clients.

ExtraHop Networks, Inc.
ExtraHop is an enterprise technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. ExtraHop sells network appliances that perform real-time analysis of wire data for performance troubleshooting, security detection, optimization and tuning, and business analytics.

DCM, one of the first Indian IT companies has a strong track record focusing on IT Infrastructure and affiliated services. DCM services and processes are aligned to help clients meet their business goals by freeing them to focus on their core business needs, while we manage their complex heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

Windstream Communications
Windstream is a provider of voice and data network communications (broadband, VoIP, MPLS), and managed services (virtual servers, managed firewall, data storage, cloud-based voice, etc.), to businesses in the United States. The company also offers residential broadband, phone and digital TV services to consumers within its coverage area.

Dynatrace, Inc. is a global technology company, listed on the NYSE, that provides a software intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to monitor and optimize application performance, development and security, IT infrastructure, and user experience for businesses and government agencies throughout the world.


ServiceNow, Inc.
ServiceNow, Inc. is a cloud computing company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It was founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy. ServiceNow is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Russell 1000 index. ServiceNow is the market leader for ITSM solutions with customer representation across all major industries and geographies.